Excel Physical Therapy Testimonials

“I have been struggling for many years with scoliosis and as I age it has gotten increasingly worse. I have tried massage and chiropractic care and received some relief but was searching for something else so I asked my primary care for help and got a referral to Excel. I am feeling better than I have in a long time! I found Gabriel and his staff to be caring and very helpful. My advice to anyone who needs therapy is “Do your Homework”!! It will make all the difference in the world. My scoliosis will never go away but now I know how to manage it. When I told Gabriel that I was doing my exercises and feeling so much better he thanked me. I told him I was doing it “for me”! He said so many people don’t do the exercises and then think physical therapy doesn’t work. THANK YOU GABRIEL AND EXCEL!!!!!!”

Linda W

“Anyone looking for a great Physical Therapist . Stop looking. This is the best place in Lodi. The staff is great and very professional. My back was killing me and my husband said I needed to go see Gabriel Enescu because he helped my husband with his neck pain that he has had for years. Gabriel Enescu  has really helped us both out with the pain we were having . He really cares about all his patients and how they are feeling . He  wants  you to feel the best you can be. He helps you feel that way. This guy knows what he’s doing . I will never go anywhere else . He has helped my back pain so much. I will never go back to being a chiropractor again . Excel Physical Therapy  Gabriel Enescu is going to be stuck with me for all my pain needs. Also the office is very clean and so professional .Gabriel Enescu and his staff make you feel so comfortable. I just can’t say enough good things about this place. Gabriel Enescu Thank you for helping us get back on our feet doing the things we love to do .” 

Debby S

“ I have been going to Excel Physical Therapy here in Lodi, CA and feeling less pain and stiffness in several parts of my body. I greatly appreciate Gabriel Enescu, Director of Physical Therapy & all his staff. Gabriel & staff work as a team showing thoughtfulness, caring and professionalism to all. My Mother Gail A. has recently been going to Excel PT here in Lodi, CA too and she is really feeling much stronger and now she is walking without her walker.Thank God!!!” 

Cheryl L

“I’m so happy to walk into this office and see the staff greeting everyone with a smile. The dr works with you and they work around your schedule. If you’re late it’s okay they still see you . The staff is so nice and caring. They always ask how I’m doing . I’m excited I get to come to a place that actually cares on how I’m doing and sees the progression.” 

Hazel I

“I LOVE this physical therapy location. The staff and therapist are great .

My condition has greatly improved. Everything is handled very efficiently. Insurance authorization and appointments and treatments are all 5 stars .I highly recommend Excel Physical Therapy!” 

Christy L

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Margaret P

“Excel Physical Therapy has helped me immensely. Dr. Bhanushali is extremely knowledgeable. His treatment plan is comprehensive and well-tailored. Personal and helpful staff. Highly recommended”

Chirag A

“Excel Physical Therapy has been a huge blessing for me. Dr. Dhawal is a wonderful physical therapist who took the time to understand my issues and helped me become pain free again. I highly recommend them if you need physical therapy.”